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Still new to jQuery!

I have an accordion that was built with the jQuery UI 1.10.1. It's pretty basic; the first item is showing by default, and the others are hidden until clicked on. I'd like to use links that exist above a jQuery accordion to open a certain accordion panel when clicked. It looks something like this:

Link1 Link2 Link3

| Accordion Header 1 |

| Accordion content 1 showing|

| Accordion Header 2 |

| Accordion content 2 hidden |

| Accordion Header 3 |

| Accordion content 3 hidden |

..so that when you click on "Link2", it hides Accordion content 1 and shows Accordion content 2.

I've searched the site and none of the answers seemed fitting.


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Please make a demo of your HTML at jsFiddle.net –  Sedz Feb 20 '13 at 23:06

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You could probably use a different method for linking the button to the header sections, I just used the id from the button.

But essentially:

$( "#accordion" ).accordion();

$('.section-button').on('click', function(){
  var header = $('#accordion').find('.' + this.id);

Demo here

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cheers Dennis, i've updated it. –  uv_man Feb 20 '13 at 23:42

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