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I need to do some client-side oEmbedding for a project. I have been using jQuery-oEmbed, but I find that its overkill when the service providers I need most are really the big ones: YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, Wikipedia. Additionally, we recently added a strict HTTPS access policy to our websites, so we can't be querying APIs that don't support SSL.

I could manually edit que jQuery-oEmbed code to remove the websites I see fit, but I'm wondering if there is a better alternative - i.e. a terser oEmbed solution that supports the major APIs above and uses HTTPS only by default.

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There's the fork jquery-oembed-all, located here:


It isn't necessarily any lighter of a library, and in fact may even have more options, but it's an alternative, at least, and perhaps worth some comparison. AFAIK, these are the only programmatic solutions to oEmbed ... but I, too, would be eager to hear if others know of any other libraries.

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