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I'm stuck on a problem with Backbone.js.

I'm using siuying's memorySync plugin to take advantage of models, collections, and their associated methods, but without actually syncing them to a server.

This code:

n0 = karass.nodes.create();
n1 = karass.nodes.create();
Backbone.memorySync('update', karass.nodes, {});

gives me the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'wait' of undefined backbone.js:466
_.extend.save.options.success backbone.js:466 
Backbone.memorySync backbone.memory.js:78 
Backbone.sync backbone.localStorage.js:188
_.extend.sync backbone.js:276
_.extend.save backbone.js:476
_.extend.create backbone.js:847 (anonymous function) test.js:21

where nodes is a Backbone.Collection of Nodes, which are mere Backbone.Models (with two functions, but commenting them out gives me the same error). So effectively an empty model. Here is the code for nodes:

nodes = new (Backbone.Collection.extend({

    model: Node,

    store: new MemoryStore('nodes'),


As you can see from the stack trace, I'm also using I know that the memorySync is a year old, and I'm using Backbone.js 0.9.10, so maybe you know what I can do to fix the memorySync plugin.

What's confusing me the most is that localStorage shows up in the stacktrace, even though I use a MemoryStore in the nodes collection.

Edit: Oh, I also redefined Backbone.getSyncMethod to:

Backbone.getSyncMethod = function(model) {
  if(model.localStorage || (model.collection && model.collection.localStorage)) {
    return Backbone.localSync;

  if(model.store || (model.collection && model.collection.store)){
    return Backbone.memorySync;

  return Backbone.ajaxSync;

after including Backbone, localStorage, and memorySync.

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1 Answer

Looking at the source for memorySync (line 78):


It appears it is trying to call a success function, even if one is not defined.

As a workaround you could try passing an empty success function:

Backbone.memorySync('update', karass.nodes, { success: function () {} });

For longer term use, you might want to submit a bug report or patch to the memorySync project.

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I added some code from a later localStorage's sync. I'll post again once I know that fixed it. In the meantime, here's a link: github.com/lowerkey/Backbone.memorySync –  lowerkey Feb 21 '13 at 17:25
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