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My cpu usage is 100% most of the the time in windows server 2008-r2
(my own vps - vmware - quad core - 4 gig ram)!
when i open windows task manager and go to resource monitor i see that 100% usage is because of workerprocess.exe
i have 3 web sites in my iis.
how can i figure out which web site couses that usage and how can i limit it to 80% usage of cpu?
is it ddos?
i have installed eset-nod32 on my vps, but it does n't show any attack in logs!
i searched about iis and prevet ddos and just found an extension for ban ip addresses, but how can i found that ip address?
is there any other way for prevent ddos?
how can i figure out what is going on that web site and which lines of codes couse that cpu usage and this is why i asked this q in stackoverflow
i wrote that web site with asp.net and c# language

would be really appreciate for help me to solve this issue

one of my web sites should access administrator's desktop and read and write some files.
so because of that i changed it's application pool -> identity (Proccess Model) to local system and i don't know is it in relationship with that cpu usage or not!!!

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maybe it's your code? –  Mitch Wheat Feb 21 '13 at 0:17
but which part and where ? –  MoonLight Feb 21 '13 at 0:19
How should we know? :) It's your code. –  Daniel T. Feb 21 '13 at 0:22
i mean how can i find those lines ? any suggestion? –  MoonLight Feb 21 '13 at 0:23
@MoonLight did you find a solution? I'm struggling with the same issue. –  Shimmy Mar 29 at 18:07

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Well, this can take long time to figure out. Few points to narrow it down:

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Use PerfMon to collect data and DebugDiag to analyse.

Found this link while searching for similar issue.


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I recently had this problem myself, and once I determined which AppPool was causing the problem, the only way to resolve the issue was remove that app pool completly and create a new one for the site to use.

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Use procmon to define your problem.

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