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I'm currently showing users a dialog if they're not following anyone within my app, but I only want to show this whenever it's the users first time logging in? Whenever a new users logs in for the first time, they're not following anyone, so their feed doesn't have any posts, so it shows the dialog. I'm achieving that using the following code:

   <% if @posts.any? %> 

I'm wanting to show a dialog on the users first login, and then it never appear again. I know Deivse has a sign_in_count option, but the dialog would stay there until a users logs out and logs back in.

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You're not really telling us enough to work with. –  the Tin Man Feb 21 '13 at 0:35
Sorry, I'll edit the question. –  Alex Smith Feb 21 '13 at 0:39

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in controller

if @posts.blank? && user.sign_in_count == 1 # no posts and 1st time login
  session[:display_dialog] = true

in view

<%= display_dialog if session[:display_dialog] %> 
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If you add the :trackable module to your Devise setup, you'll get a last_sign_in_at and sign_in_count. Either of these should provide you with more than enough information to know when/if a user previously signed in. And posts.any? should probably go away.

For instance:

display_dialog unless current_user.last_sign_in_at.present?


display_dialog unless current_user.sign_in_count > 0
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