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i trying to cover the test case

a method which return class object.

-(ClassName *)returnClass{

return _class;


id returnObj;

returnObj = [aClassNameObj returnClass];
STAssertNotNil(returnObj, @"return Not NULL Value");
STAssertEqualObjects(returnObj, [isKindOfClass: ClassName],@"");


I want to compare an show STAssertEqualObjects isKindOfClass:ClassName is it possible if yes please let me know.

@All Thanks In advance

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It's unclear what you're asking.

  1. If you want to check if the returned object's class is ClassName or a subclass, you can use something like this:

    STAssertTrue([returnObj isKindOfClass:[ClassName class]], nil);
  2. If you want to check that it's a ClassName and not a subclass (this seems permissible in a unit test, but not in normal code), instead use something like this:

    STAssertTrue([returnObj isMemberOfClass:[ClassName class]], nil);
  3. If you really want to use STAssertEqualObjects, you might use something like this (this also checks that the classes are equal; it does not allow the instance to be a subclass):

    STAssertEqualObjects([returnObj class], [ClassName class], nil);

Personally, I'd stick to option 1. Option 2 is something I've never needed to use in production code, and option 3 is even worse (there are a few legitimate uses of [foo class], but comparing it to another class with -equals: isn't really one of them).

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thanks for the information!!! –  kiran Feb 21 '13 at 10:59

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