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I need to find or create one 8.5x11 inch blank PDF file that is as small as possible with minimal information embedded, but still a valid and stable PDF document. If at all possibe, I'd like to do this without Acrobat.

What is the best way to produce such a document?

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i would try this

  • create empty html document
  • open it with google chrome
  • go for "print"
  • choose "save as PDF" as the printer and "print"

:) good luck

other thing on my mind is to run a simple PHP program using fpdf library, that would just create and output the pdf

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The chrome save as PDF idea is the best one yet, it created a 708 byte file with no "Producer" application/company name or creation-date, etc. My previous smallest file size was 1,150 bytes. Not that the size itself really matters - I just want a clean-as-possible document to inject things into (experimenting). Thank you for your answer. – Wayne Bloss Feb 21 '13 at 2:00
Depending on how you do this the file might be bigger than 708. I created one empty.pdf of 4095 bytes with Chrome and another with size of 715 bytes. – lokori May 27 '13 at 8:54

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