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Here is my situation:

In my onCreate(), I would like to create an AsyncTask to retrieve data for a server and store it in an ArrayList.

Then in my onCreateView(), I would like to put that data in a ListView, set an onItemClickListener, etc...

The problem is that I am creating a race between the AsyncTask and the UI thread. If the onCreateView() is called before the AsyncTask is done retrieving, then I do not set the adapter correctly, do not set the onItemClickListener, etc...

I would like some way to make sure that I wait for the AsyncTask to finish executing before starting the onCreateView() function. Is this possible? I read about using get() on the task, but I had some trouble executing it. It didn't seem to be doing anything.

The reason I would like to retrieve the data in onCreate() and set the adapter in onCreateView() (instead of setting the adapter in onPostExecute() of the AsyncTask), is that I would like to retrieve the data once, and be able to just create the view if the user rotates the screen or navigates back to that Fragment.

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Here is a better way. Initialize your ListView and start your AsyncTask in onCreate(). Once data is available from the server, you add it to the same array which was given to your adapter and call notifyDatasetChanged() of your adapter, which takes care of populating your list view. Here you can use ListFragment as well in which you can call setEmptyText() to add text that is displayed if your list is empty.

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oh interesting. Do i have to setOnItemClickListener() every time i update the adapter? or just once at the beginning? Also, how can i initialize the listview in onCreate() if the view hasn't been created yet? wouldn't that give me a nullpointerexception? –  user2085335 Feb 21 '13 at 1:38
you have to set OnItemClickListenter only once. To initialize list view when there is no data, just use an ArrayList with no elements. It won't give any NullPointerException. Later when data arrived you can add that to the same ArrayList and call notifyDataSetChanged(). –  sujith Feb 21 '13 at 2:14
thanks! works great! one quick question about the OnItemClickListener comment: If i only have the setOnItemClickListener call in onCreateView(), it doesn't seem to work. But if i add another call to setOnItemClickListener after I update the adapter, it works. This isn't really a big deal since it is working this way, but I would like to know why this could happen if you have any ideas. Thank you. –  user2085335 Feb 21 '13 at 2:45
You don't show any code, but if I had to guess, it is getting garbage collected because you no longer hold a reference to it. Are you using ListActivity or ListFragment? –  Matt Feb 21 '13 at 3:40
So do I have to inflate my View in onCreate()? I obviously need the view to find ListView. –  tir38 Nov 21 '13 at 16:44

You should follow @sujith's answer and change your implementation, but here is an answer to your specific question:

I would like some way to make sure that I wait for the AsyncTask to finish executing before starting the onCreateView() function. Is this possible?

Yes this is possible, but it will prevent your UI from displaying while it is waiting for the task to finish.

Create and execute your AsyncTask then hold on to the reference to it:

MyAsyncTask mTask;

mTask = new MyAsyncTask();
myInfo = mTask.get();

In your case this is a bad idea, however, there are times when you may need to do something like this.

EDIT: mTask.get() will return whatever is returned by the doInBackground()

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Whatever you are doing in onCreateView(), move it to onViewCreated()

onViewCreated is invoked after view is ready so you will not have problems then

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