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Using yeoman init backbone:all generates the required files for a sample Backbone.JS app. Along with the MVC files for a sample application object, it also creates a folder at bbapp/app/scripts/templates with a sample ejs file called application.ejs. The Backbone View file for the sample application has a line (which is commented out):

//template: application

Uncommenting this does not work. It tries to look for an object with the name 'application' and throws an error: Uncaught ReferenceError: application is not defined. Using yeoman init bbb creates the Backbone Layout Manager which probably does the trick. Any ideas how I can use EJS files for templating in a project generated with yeoman init backbone:all ?


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Till now the generator-backbone is not officially released for yeoman 1.0, but you can try it like this.

Today I proposed a fix for precompiling ejs templates.

That fix will precompile all the *.ejs files in app/templates to app/scripts/templates.js. Will update once the fix is merged to the master and the generator is officially released.

PS : In yeoman 1.0beta use yo backbone:all instead of yeoman init backbone:all

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