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I'd like to send an email by using vsto outlook addin.

There will be multiple recipients and data about recipients from DBMS. In mail template there will be a keywords should be replaced with personal data like name, working title. And must be only one recipient address on each mail being looked like we send a mail to each others.

I'd like to send mail to each person not to all together. I can cancel the original mail and send a mail to each person one by one with mail body and subject text changed.

I noticed there will be as same amount of mails in "Sent Folder" as the number of recipients.

I'd like to see only one original mail in "Sent folder" even though the original message was not sent (The original message should not be sent.)

I think i can delete all each mails from "Sent Folder " after sending all mails and move the original message to "sent folder" but the original mail marked as "UnSent" and submitted time is not set. How do i make this item look like a sent mail by programmatically.

Or is there any way to solve my problem?

I am working on Outlook 2007 and Visual Studio 2010 VSTO with Framework 3.5.

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Firstly, to delete a message after it is sent, set the MailItem.DeleteAfterSubmit property to true.

Normally, all messages created by Outlook are created in the unsent state and there is no way to change that. On the MAPI level, you can set the MSGFLAG_UNSENT bit in the PR_MESSAGE_FLAGS property, but Outlook won't let yo udo that. You can however set that property (again, before the message is saved for the very first time) in Redemption using the RDOMail.Sent property (read/write). In addition, you can use RDOMail.CopyTo() method and pass another message or a folder to copy the message data.

On the OOM level, the only way to do is to create a PostItem object (it is the only one created in the sent state), reset its MessageClass property to "IPM.Note", save it, release it, then reopen it using Namespace.GetItemFromID to reopen it as a MailItem object in the sent state.

In Redemption, all you need to do is

set Session = CreateObject("Redemption.RDOSession")
Session.MAPIOBJECT = Application.Session.MAPIOBJECT
set SourceMsg = Session.GetRDOObjectFromOutlookObject(YourOutlookMailItem)
set TargetMsg = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderSentMail).Items.Add("IPM.Note")
TargetMsg.Sent = true
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