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I have a collection in backbone as follows:



    function($, Backbone, Model) {
        'use strict';

        // Creates a new Backbone Collection class object
        var Collection = Backbone.Collection.extend({

            // Tells the Backbone Collection that all of it's models will be of type Model (listed up top as a dependency)
            model: Model,

            url: 'http://easyuniv.com/API/hometiles',

            comparator: function(tile) {
                return 1.0 / tile.get('userCount');


        // Returns the Model class
        return Collection;


When I call fetch on the object in FF or chrome it runs perfectly fine. However, in IE it always enters the error callback of fetch.

I have looked in the network tab of F12 dev tools and it is not showing a network call for the collection.

When I have this as my error callback:

error: function(data, response) {

It just prints LOG: undefined

any ideas on what this could be?

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I'd step into the fetch code of backbone. It's not too wild as it eventually calls the ajax function of jquery/zepto with the path. Is it a cross-domain call? (And just to be sure, you started tracing in IE on the Network tab, right?) – WiredPrairie Feb 21 '13 at 2:26
yeah, I see other requests fine in IE, and yes it is cross domain. Well, in the sense that its being run locally and the server is online – Troy Cosentino Feb 21 '13 at 2:33

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