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I just cant figure out how to do this. I need to get the S3 path without the filename

and not like this

but i keep getting this error. undefined method gallery_photo_path' for #<Gallery:0x007f94f4658778> undefined methodgallery_photo_http_url' for #

just how do i get the path if im using fog as the storage ?

Thanks. below is my code snippet.

# models/gallery.rb
class Gallery

  include Mongoid::Document        

  mount_uploader :gallery_photo, PhotoUploader

# uploaders/photo_uploader.rb
class PhotoUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base

  storage :fog

# views/galleries/show.html.erb
<%= image_tag @gallery.gallery_photo_url.to_s %>
path **<%= @gallery.gallery_photo_path.to_s %>**   <--- not working
httppath **<%= @gallery.gallery_photo_http_url.to_s %>** <--- not working

# the error:
undefined method `gallery_photo_path' for #<Gallery:0x007f94f4658778>
undefined method `gallery_photo_http_url' for #<Gallery:0x007f94f46431e8>
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What you're asking for isn't built into carrierwave. You should probably put this in a helper:

def uri_dirname(uri_string)
  uri = URI.parse(uri_string)
  uri.path = File.dirname(uri.path)

And then in your view you can use:

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