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I have two things that I would like to do with my matlab function. I have a function that will get data from a series of files. Say i have this file structure:

Number 1:

I would like to be able to have some selected variables in a function become globally accessible and persist after the function has completed. That is say i have the following function:

[] = function(directory)
    b = read(directory)
    struct c = (do some stuff with b)
    somehow globalise c

I understand that you can have c = function(directory) and then pass a variable however i would not like to o this, i would rather that the variable c just persists in the global scope. Can this be done?

Number 2:

Is it possible for a matlab function to have default arguments. Lets take the function from above. What I want to do is to have the directory default as the current directory. For example if the following data structure exists:

    -> MatlabFunctions
    -> Data 

The user should be able to run function in Data and it will use the Data directory.But should also be able to do function('../Data') from the MatlabFunctions directy for the same effect. Is this possible?

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Does someone want to add the answer using assignin which is a matlab function to do this? I will mark that answer correct, if you also add information from the answer already here. –  Ben Feb 21 '13 at 5:22

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I think the following should make a variable globally accessible from within the function:

[] = function(directory)
    b = read(directory)
    global c;           <------
    struct tmp = (do some stuff with b)
    c = tmp;            <------

Then, add global c in all other files where you want c to be available, before using it. I would recommend just using c = function... if at all possible, though.

As suggested by @Ben, assignin can also be used to assign a variable into a different workspace. That way, from a function, any variable can be assigned in the 'base' workspace, which is the workspace accessible by all other files too. In this case:


will create a variable c in the base workspace, with the same value as c in the function file. (Add this line at the end of the function).


You could do something like this:

    if nargin<1
         path = '../Data';

    % do things with path

This way, if function is called without inputs, the default path ../Data will be used, otherwise, the path given as input will be used. nargin will be equal to the number of arguments that were given as input.

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To 1) globals as well as asignin are often frowned upon. You could also use persistent

Pseudocode snippet:

function out=fun((directory)
persistent out
if isempty(out) 
   fill out

return out;

Or even handle objects in case you feel like going modern ;)

To 2): Read about doc InputParser - it's more work than in many other languages - but it's possible.

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