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I got the follow error:

SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number recruit.html;jsessionid=1f7j1qesicu7u, line 646 character 56

 var pagerPrevTD = $('<td>',  {class: "myPager"}), prevPagesIncluded = 0,
 pagerNextTD = $('<td>', { class: "myPager"}), nextPagesIncluded = 0,
 totalStyle = grid[0].p.pginput === false,
 startIndex = totalStyle? this.p.page-MAX_PAGERS*2: this.p.page-MAX_PAGERS;
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I suppose that you should replace {class: "myPager"} to

{"class": "myPager"}

because old version of Internet Explorer interpret class as reserved word which can't be used as property without be quoted.

You can rewrite $('<td>', {class: "myPager"}) to $("<td>").addClass("myPager") or to use just $("<td class='myPager'></td>").

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