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I've created a site in which I want to host user forums on the site.

I switched hosting to hosting24 due to their unlimited database feature. However I there are some things that I have not quite figured out.

  1. Is it better to display the forum as: MyFunForum.websitehost.com or Websitehost.com/boards/myfunforum

  2. How can I give admin file access to just a specific folder or file? I basically want the user to be able to fully customize their forum, but I want to bar access to the main website.

I think number 2 is the main thing. It doesn't really matter how the forum is displayed, I just want the user to have sole access to their forum only.

I realize a complete redesign of my site may be in order. Here is the site link: link.

The initial premise was simple...maybe a little too simple. Now I'm sure I will need a content management system, but I want to know how to get it to work for the user first.

Thank you in advance for helping me with this.

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Have you tried to create a ticket on the site? I've found that you can limit access through FTP for a specific folder using the ftp protocol. –  Cyber Slueth Omega Feb 21 '13 at 6:41

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Thank you Cyber Sleuth for answering. I feel that I have figured out the answer on my own. I believe. I will need a good CMS system to do what I would like to do...I think.

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