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I am developing a program that accepts input like

"(j=5 OR r<3 AND (er>1 OR l>22)) and ed=3"

So far, I've parsed it into two arrays[3] of vectors (one vector for each of a max of 3 levels): vector<proposition> propositions[3] and vector<string> structure[3] a proposition object stores all information about an element. I am hoping to construct a logic tree with these vectors. I have thus created a connector class that can store pointers to a left proposition and a right proposition as well as the kind of proposition (AND or OR).

So, for the example above, my vectors might look something like:

structure[0]: (, AND
structure[1]: OR, AND, (, )
structure[2]: OR, )

propositions[0]: ed=3
propositions[1]: j=5, r<3
propositions[2]: er>1, I>22

I would like my tree be of the form

                                  /     \
                                AND     ed=3
                               /    \   
                             OR      AND
                            /  \    /   \
                          j=5  r<3 r<3  OR
                                       /  \
                                    er>1   i>22

Where (AND|OR) represents a connector object I need to create and the leaves (ex j=5) represent the propositions (I've already created and stored in the vectors) Any advice on how to construct such a tree /link my propositions with the data I have would be greatly appreciated.

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You need pointers between nodes; it's an ordinary binary tree. Leaf nodes contain propositions, non-leaf nodes contain an And/Or switch. Also check out Expression Trees. – Robert Harvey Feb 21 '13 at 5:04
If you write a (small) recursive descent parser for your expression, the logic for tree generation should follow naturally from the structure of the parsing code. – 500 - Internal Server Error Feb 21 '13 at 5:07

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