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Aim: To provide editor for configuring a pattern rule for Fruits.ecore

DSL Rule will some thing like this “A Grade” + Apple.name

Problem: With new instance of eclipse application I created a sample project and created a file with text.fruit within this editor I need to creat my new Fruit rule

EClass name and EStructural feature as my content assist

When I do Ctrl + Space my expectations to get list as content assist

  1. Apple
  2. Orange

Steps taken:

  1. Created an xtext plug-in with extension .fruit as my fruit.xtext as dsl.
  2. Using import statement in my “fruit.xtext” file

           import “platform:/resource/com.emf.sample/model/Fruits.ecore” as ecore
  3. Within fruit.xtext content assist of ecore works

  4. Now generate Xtext artificats and run the application

Model for above scenario :

enter image description here

How to add external ecore as part of Content assist in Work Flow or Grammar of xtext editor ? Any sample examples or work around will help .


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It seems this confuses two different levels ob abstraction. Where you refer to EClasses in Xtext's grammar editor, your DSL will refer to instances of EClasses. Why would you want to show the EClasses themselfes and where / at which cursor position would you like to see those? –  Sebastian Zarnekow Oct 2 '14 at 8:00

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