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I have two models with one-to-one relationship between them - RFP and Bid. Here is the relevant code -


<one-to-one name="Bid" class="Bid" property-ref="Rfp" />


<many-to-one name="Rfp" class="Rfp" column="RfpId" not-null="true" />


public virtual Bid Bid { get; set; }


public virtual Rfp Rfp { get; set; }

When I do the following -

bid.Rfp = Repository.Get<Models.Rfp>(command.BidDetails.RfpId);

The foregin key of RFP is saved in the Bid record, but the foreign key of Bid is not saved in the RFP record. As a result I can't get a particular RFP's bid by saying bid.Rfp - it returns null.

How can I accomplish this?

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in a one to one relationship there is only one foreign key. Are you saying that Rfp table has a foreign key to bid? If so why did you map it as one-to-one instead of many-to-one? – Firo Feb 22 '13 at 20:30
i followed this write up - One side of the two entities is declared many-to-one here. I am aware one-to-one relationships can be implemented with only one foreign key. I need a way where I can get the bid's RFP and the RFP's bid. I want both of these to work - Bid.Rfp and Rfp.Bid. – mridula Feb 25 '13 at 5:56

expand the property

private Rfp rfp;
public virtual Rfp Rfp
    get { return rfp; }
    set {
        rfp = value;
        if (rfp != null && rfp.Bid != this)
            rfp.Bid = this;
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