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I have tried looking through and have not been able to find an answer to this. i'm needing to create a setup which allows visitors to my site to upload multiple photos, which will need to be moderated, and then, once moderated added to a page or gallery in some sort of order.

i am using wordpress to run my site but have not come across any plugins that fully meet my needs.

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If you haven't found plugins then you need to create one.

There are 3 things in the requirement 1. Upload Image 2. Admin moderation 3. Gallery

  1. Upload Image: For upload image you need to create a custom control which will upload image and save in web space. i am sure there is plugin for the same.
  2. Admin Moderation : When image is uploaded by user then details of the same will be saved in DB, admin will see and moderate it , there will be flag for the same.
  3. Gallery: There are hundreds of JQUERY plugin which can be used and integrated with any type of language.
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