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With help from the great posts here, I understand the error. But I need some clarification please.

Say my managed object context (schema) has 3 tables (entities), and say each entity had 3 attributes of which one attribute for each entry is NOT optional.

So now for the first time, my app creates a managed object for the first entity, filling its mandatory attribute; app has not created managed objects for the second and third entities yet - didn't have to yet. When I try to save the context at this point, I get error code 1570. Is it because I have not filled out values for the second and 3rd entities?

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I am not sure if this helps you.

But The cocoa error 1570 means that mandatory fields are not filled in. So please make sure your mandatory fields are not nil.

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I know that now. But I did fill in mandatory field for the managed object in the first entity. I don't have managed object for 2nd and 3rd entities yet. –  Chris F Feb 21 '13 at 5:42

iphone Core Data Unresolved error while saving

Yep it was a mandatory field that was not filled in. The post above showed me which field.

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