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I have a Listview with Edittexts which get added dynamically. I used BaseAdapter to populate my listview. Keyboard is blocking the view of few Edittexts at the bottom. How do i prevent this ?

I tried adding this is Manifest, but it doesn't work.

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Use this in your activity tag in manifest file


as in :

 <activity android:name="com.exmple.activity"
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I am not sure but I was having the same problem with ScrollView. So, what I did was, I scrolled everything inside the view to the maximum top(1000 was too high, so it scrolled till the place it could). This brought everything above the keyboard.

ScrollView sv;
sv.post(new Runnable() { 
    public void run() { 
         sv.scrollTo(0, 10000);

So, everything was above the keyboard, whenever any additional elements were added by the user at bottom. I haven't seen your code, but this idea might help you. All the best.

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Use android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan" instead. It will shift layout up.

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