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I have two images, both are 24 color .bmp 32x32 pixels. If I load one with OpenGL it works, if I load the other with OpenGL it just shows black and white lines.

Is there something else that could be different, thus not letting one of the images show?

This one does not work in code:


This one does work in code:


Also checked info size and file header size. Both images were 40 on info and 14 on file size. Both images biWidth and BiHeight were still 32x32.

This shows how I texture a hex with the image grass

    for I := 0 to 6 do

grass is a pointer and filled like so:

grass := Readbitmap('Grass.bmp',sGrass,tGrass);

And how do I get the image data (which should be OK as it works with other images, I really think its something else about an image that would make the two different)?

Function TFCreateMap.ReadBitmap(const FilePath:String;var sWidth,tHeight:GLsizei):pointer;
  bmpfile: file;
  size: integer;
  size := FileSize(bmpfile)-szh-szi;
  if bfh.bfType<>$4D42  then
    raise EinvalidGraphic.Create('Invalid Bitmap');
  with bmi do
    sWidth := biWidth;
    tHeight := biHeight;
  for x  := 0 to sWidth*tHeight-1 do
  with TWrap(result^)[x] do
    t := r;
    r := b;
    b := t;
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It's hard to compare those images if we don't have them, but try for instance check the value of the biHeight of the TBitmapInfoHeader structure. This can be negative value and maybe the function you're passing that value to doesn't take negative values. But it's just a guess since I don't know those images and you didn't show what are you doing with that ReadBitmap method. –  TLama Feb 21 '13 at 7:39
I will test and see if there is a difference in the values, give me a few mins. But with ReadBitmap, i am pretty much just removing the infoheader and file header, before sending the data to opengl. Storing the data into a pointer called "grass". Where it is used uptop. I can try to give links to the images, but not sure if i uploaded them to a photo site if it would change them in any way. but will do both in a few mins. –  Glen Morse Feb 21 '13 at 7:45
The difference between those two bitmaps is in the bits per pixel value. The bitmap which fails you to display is 8-bit whilst the working one is 24-bit. In case of 8-bit bitmap, each byte in the pixel array represents one pixel, so your color transformation in the end of your method actually move the pixels. Also try to find the answer if the glTexImage2d function even supports 8-bit bitmaps. –  TLama Feb 21 '13 at 9:00
The number of bits per pixel is stored in the biBitCount member of the TBitmapInfoHeader structure. –  TLama Feb 21 '13 at 9:19
Do you find that your TWrap code at the end works the way you want? You're essentially assigning b := r because you overwrite the original value of t in the first statement. To rotate the values of three variables, you'll need a forth temporary variable. –  Rob Kennedy Feb 21 '13 at 13:25

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Your bitmaps differ at least in bit depth. The one which fails you to load is 8-bit, whilst the working one is 24-bit. What you need is to convert your 8-bit bitmap to 24-bit (because of the used format parameter value in your glTexImage2D function call).

Code review:

I've made a review of your code and here's the result; the following code uses file stream for reading the file (since I'm not a fan of the old style I/O routines; anyway you forgot on file closing), removes the color channel rotation part which was, as @Rob pointed wrong (for the reason mentioned below). I've added a check for the necessary bit depth value (which must be 24-bit with the format flag you will use for the glTexImage2D function call):

function TFCreateMap.ReadBitmap(const AFilePath: string; var AWidth, 
  AHeight: GLsizei): Pointer;
  DataSize: Integer;
  FileStream: TFileStream;
  FileHeader: TBitmapFileHeader;
  InfoHeader: TBitmapInfoHeader;
  FileTypeBitmap = $4D42;
  FileHeaderSize = SizeOf(TBitmapFileHeader);
  InfoHeaderSize = SizeOf(TBitmapInfoHeader);
  Result := nil;                              

  FileStream := TFileStream.Create(AFilePath, fmOpenRead);
    FileStream.ReadBuffer(FileHeader, FileHeaderSize);
    if (FileHeader.bfType <> FileTypeBitmap) then
      raise EinvalidGraphic.Create('Invalid file type!');

    FileStream.ReadBuffer(InfoHeader, InfoHeaderSize);
    if (InfoHeader.biBitCount <> 24) then
      raise EinvalidGraphic.Create('Invalid bit depth!');

    DataSize := FileStream.Size - FileHeaderSize - InfoHeaderSize;
    GetMem(Result, DataSize);
    FileStream.ReadBuffer(Result^, DataSize);

    AWidth := InfoHeader.biWidth;
    AHeight := InfoHeader.biHeight;    

Now to the reason, why I removed the color channel rotation; I have almost no experience with OpenGL, but something tells me, that GL_BGR value of the format parameter of the glTexImage2D function might simplify this part, because I'd say that the function then expects the BGR pixel array for its data parameter and that's how your bitmaps are stored. So my guess is that you can leave the color channel rotation and call the glTexImage2D function with GL_BGR value of the format parameter:

glTexImage2D(GL_TEXTURE_2D, Level, Colorcomps, sGrass, tGrass, Border, GL_BGR,
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After looking at the alternative way and running a simple test I can confirm my expectation. You can remove the color channel rotation and simply use GL_BGR value for the format parameter. –  TLama Feb 22 '13 at 12:54
yes is was to adjust the color read in as i was told opengl reads in RGB, where windows saves it as BGR .. I did not see the options for GL_BGR in opengGL but glad its there :D. Thansk alot –  Glen Morse Feb 27 '13 at 5:10
You're welcome! –  TLama Feb 27 '13 at 5:18

First image has index color format, but second image have RGB. You can try to change color format using GIMP or other editor.

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