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Private Sub txtUserCode_Validate(Cancel As Boolean)
    If RS!ID = txtUserCode.Text Then
        Set RS = CN.Execute(SQL)
        txtUserName.Text = RS!NAME
        MsgBox "ENTER VALID NO"
        txtUserCode.Text = ""
        Cancel = True
    End If
End Sub

In this code I want to execute like:

  1. If I enter the ID present in table then it'll show info but it's considering 1st record (RS!ID(0)) only not the next one

  2. If I enter the ID which is not present in table then it should not throw error 3021- Requested operation requires current record but goto else part.

Please Help

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I am assuming RS is a recordset.

Depending on the RS type, you can try and Find a record like this:

RS.Find("[CODE]=" &  txtUserCode.Text)
If Not RS.EOF Then
    ' found!
End If

Link to the ADO Find function.

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