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When running conque in VIM, the warning message prompts out every time:

Global CursorHoldI and CursorMovedI autocommands may cause ConqueTerm to run slowly

I found a method to remove the warning is to comment out the warning-function in the conque_term.vim, but I don't think it's a decent and safe way to solve the problem.

I'm new with VIM, so I found no way to identify the source of problem by myself. Could anyone help? Thanks a lot!

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Some of your plugins are probably defining autocmds on these events. An autocompletion plugin, maybe, or a tag-generation plugin… Grep your ~/.vim/ directory for CursorHoldI and/or CursorMovedI or do :verbose autocmd to see where these are defined. – romainl Feb 21 '13 at 7:55
BE CAREFUL... autocommands can cause major problems with ConqueTerm, it can cause open buffers to be overwritten with it's output and all sorts of other nasty things. It can be down-right dangerous. I cannot recommend it for anyone who uses lots of plugins that intercept the Cursor auto commands, as it seems that even when mixed with a small amount of these, bad things happen. Just remember not to accidentally save any of those bad changes, should they happen. Try disabling plugins & re-enable them one by one to find the culprit. Hopefully using pm like vundle which makes it easy to do this!!! – osirisgothra Nov 30 '14 at 10:33

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One integration point into Vim is through events, which can trigger automatic commands; the Conque plugin itself uses these to implement its functionality. Events like CursorMovedI are fired whenever you type something or move the cursor in insert mode; this can have an impact on performance, and that's what the warning is about.

You can list all such automatic commands via:

:verbose autocmd CursorHoldI,CursorMovedI

As long as Conque works well for you, it's fine to ignore (and suppress) the warning. But if you indeed run into problems, you'd need to check the other autocmd sources and maybe disable one or the other plugin (at least for the Conque buffer). (See :help autocmd-remove for how to do this.)

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You can also suppress this warning with let g:ConqueTerm_StartMessages = 0 (see – Francesc Rosàs Feb 25 '14 at 11:27

Off topic, but using Ctrl+Z to drop back to shell and fg to return to vim seems to work way better than Conque. That is if you're using vim from the terminal, which you should.

Some inspiration:

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