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I have 2 my-sql databases (live-db, test-db). I need to transfer some tables from live-db to test-db in datanucleus jdo implementation.

The problem is, if primary-key is an auto-increment then it does not transfer same value, but it generates new value.

Is there any method disable the auto-increment in datanucleus as programmatically?

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spent 5 min and cannot find the answer, so i think easiest way is to do the following: 1) add new INT column without AUTO_INCREMENT 2) copy column value 3) drop AUTO_INCREMENT column

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thanks for reply, I can solve as manually, but I have to solve as programmatically? –  chrome Feb 21 '13 at 7:26

So you could use one set of metadata for one datastore (with autoincrement) and one set for the other (without). JDO persistence is simply following your instructions in auto-increment

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