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I was following this link to hide JQGRID when No Data Returned How can I hide the jqgrid completely when no data returned?

Am using the below code in .cshtml

<div id="gridWrapper">
    <table id="list1">
    <div id="pager">

<div id="noSearchResults">
    No records Found!

and in GridComplete

gridComplete: function () {
    var recs = parseInt($("#list1").getGridParam("records"), 10);
    if (isNaN(recs) || recs == 0) {
    else {

But when $("#noSearchResults") is executed result is not as expected am getting Error catch in Jqgrid file. What i am doing wrong ?

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Show will be "show" and Hide will be "hide" –  Meraj Feb 21 '13 at 8:20

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There is no error in your code except Hide should be hide and Show should be show change this, if you getting error then provide your grid definition.

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