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While debugging uboot the step sequence are not continuous. when i do next(n) at gdb prompt it goes to some other unexpected line. I am doing a NFS mount on the target and debugging. Please clarify.

Thanks, Surya

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This happens because normally the U-Boot binary produced by GCC has been optimized for size(to consume less storage space). You can build the U-Boot binary without optimization for easier debugging. Take a look at the Makefile of U-Boot and remove any optimization flags. Information on optimization flags can be found here.

Step debugging also does not work pretty well with the macros and inline functions as the code is not actually placed where these are defined.

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@microMolvi's answer is right, you can vim Makefile on top directory of the uboot source, and find CFLAGS replace -O2 (it's O not 0) by -O0, then it's ok to step by step.

By the way, maybe using s(step) in GDB is better.

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