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I want to add imageViews dynamically in a circle like a round plate. Android dose not provide a circular layout so please help me to create a circular layout.. Thanks in advance!

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check my edited answer... –  Nipun Gogia Feb 21 '13 at 8:14

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You don't need a special layout for this.You can use a Relative Layout or a Frame Layout.

Just add the views dynamically in the normal way but position them using margin, padding etc so that they look like a circle.

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i knew it but i need the logic of padding and margin thanks –  sachin pareek Feb 21 '13 at 8:04

Just check this out , this link shows how to make view in circular shape... just imlement your image view in it ...


or you can do this by xml :

<LinearLayout orientation=vertical for whole screen>
    <LinearLayout weight=1 gravity=center> <!--- Top --->
    <LinearLayout weight=1 orientation=horizontal> <!-- middle -->
        <LinearLayout weight=1 gravity=left/>
        <LinearLayout weight=1 gravity=right/>
    <LinearLayout weight=1> <!-- botton -->
        <LinearLayout weight=1 gravity=center/>
        <LinearLayout weight=1 gravity=center/>
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You can use HorizontalScrollView.

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