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It seems to be a very easy question but I'm stuck on it. I want change the attribute of each element:

item_list = get_items()
item_list.map! do |item|
  item.date = "my super date or whatever...."

But item_list[0].date gives me exactly the same value that it had before map! method. Where is the error?

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If I'm right, you could just do item_list.each { |item| item.date = "whatever"}. –  oldergod Feb 21 '13 at 7:48
not working..... –  Marius Kavansky Feb 21 '13 at 7:52
does get_items return a copy in the first place? –  AJcodez Feb 21 '13 at 7:54
that actually depends on what item_list is. can you try item_list = get_item.to_a on your first line? and use map!. by theory, your code and oldergod's should both work –  jvnill Feb 21 '13 at 7:54
@David it should. look at gist.github.com/jvnill/5003064 –  jvnill Feb 21 '13 at 8:01

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Wasn't sure if I should write this as an "answer" as it might not satisfy you, but the fact is your code should work. Here's a test I did to demonstrate this:

$ cat test.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby

item0 = Struct.new( :date, :name ).new( '0', 'zero' )
item1 = Struct.new( :date, :name ).new( '1', 'one'  )
item_list = [ item0, item1 ]

puts "BEFORE #map!:"
puts item_list

item_list.map! do |item|
    item.date = 'super date'

puts "AFTER #map!:"
puts item_list

item_list.each do |item|
    item.date = 'each date'

puts "AFTER #each:"
puts item_list

$ ./test.rb
BEFORE #map!:
#<struct #<Class:0x1002b15f0> date="0", name="zero">
#<struct #<Class:0x1002b1258> date="1", name="one">

AFTER #map!:
#<struct #<Class:0x1002b15f0> date="super date", name="zero">
#<struct #<Class:0x1002b1258> date="super date", name="one">

AFTER #each:
#<struct #<Class:0x1002b15f0> date="each date", name="zero">
#<struct #<Class:0x1002b1258> date="each date", name="one">

Can you expand your code listing to show both the definition of get_items() as well as the code you use to test or display item_list, and finally the output of that display or test?

In my code example I included oldergod's suggestion to show that it works, too. For clarity and safety's sake you might want to stick with #map! though because it is a Ruby convention to name mutator methods with an exclamation point to warn of side effects to arguments or calling object. In this case, the elements of item_list are being changed so #map! would be by convention the preferable choice. If you were merely printing out the items or doing some other operation then #each would be a fine choice. Should add this might largely be a matter of taste. It's the convention I'm used to but in other developer communities they could be considered more interchangeable.

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