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(I asked this on superuser but got no response ...)

I'm trying to follow the tutorial for the Dropbox API at

But when I get to the last part

#Print the token for future reference
print access_token

What I get back is

<dropbox.session.OAuthToken object at 0x1102d4210>

How do I get the actual token? It should look something like:


(I'm on a Mac)

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Look around in the properties and methods of the object, to do so apply "dir" on the object. In your case:


I'm pretty sure you're gonna find in this object something that will give you the token you need.

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I support this answer because it is the logical way to get more info on used class. In the list you can find access_token.key and access_token.secret values. – boldnik Jun 8 '13 at 15:44

You've got the right object, yes. But you're dealing with an instance of a class.

<dropbox.session.OAuthToken object at 0x1102d4210>

This is an instance of the OAuthToken object the Dropbox SDK created for you. This token appears to have two attributes: key and secret. These would be your token key and secret. This is what you're after.

You can access them like this:

print access_token.key
print access_token.secret
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Using the same tutorial for the Dropbox API at

Ended up with the following script that worked for me

# Include the Dropbox SDK libraries
from dropbox import client, rest, session

# Get your app key and secret from the Dropbox developer website
APP_KEY = '3w7xv4d9lrkc7c3'
APP_SECRET = '1v5f80mztbd3m9t'

# ACCESS_TYPE should be 'dropbox' or 'app_folder' as configured for your app
ACCESS_TYPE = 'app_folder'

sess = session.DropboxSession(APP_KEY, APP_SECRET, ACCESS_TYPE)
request_token = sess.obtain_request_token()
url = sess.build_authorize_url(request_token)

# Make the user sign in and authorize this token
print "url:", url
print "Please visit this website and press the 'Allow' button, then hit 'Enter' here."

# This will fail if the user didn't visit the above URL
access_token = sess.obtain_access_token(request_token)

#Print the token for future reference
print access_token.key
print access_token.secret
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