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I'am learning some Gamedevelopment using Monogame.

I started a Windows OpenGL Project and everything works fine on my Win8 machine.

I have compiled the project and sent it to 2 People, both are using win7 x64 and one of them can't open the Game.

After that, I tested it on my other computer (also win7 x64) and I get the same problem, the game process starts, then the screen flashes (Aero seems to deactivate), then everything gets back to normal and the process of my game crashes without a message.

I'm sure, that there is no problem with my code, maybe some missing dlls but most of them are copied with the game

  • Lidgren.Network.dll
  • MonoGame.Framework.dll
  • OpenTK.dll
  • SDL.dll
  • Tao.Sdl.dll



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The Aero switching off happens to my work computer and for some reason not my computer at home. I'm interested as to why this happens as well. – David Brewer Feb 21 '13 at 14:17

If it's taking down Windows Aero, it might be a graphics issue. Compare the graphical capability of the Win7 machine that can run it with the one(s) that can't. Does the working one have a graphics card? I seem to remember Monogame having odd behaviour with the Reach graphics profile.

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Ok I fixed it using an OpenAL32 installer

I found the solution here

You have to install it, if your game doesn't work.

fixed it for me on my second computer.

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That fixes it on my end as well! The flashing and zero disabling still happens though. Not sure why yet. – David Brewer Feb 22 '13 at 19:35

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