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I've a web app hosted on EC2 - something in the lines of ec2...amazonaws.com and them some port number XXXXX.(not the standard http port)

So I want my domain to point to the host:port where the app is hosted.

Options considered so far: 1. Forward the domain. That works ok but wraps everything in an iframe and I'm loosing a bit of the page's meta data 2. Play with the DNS records?

I've tried 1. but I'm leaning more towards 2. However, not sure how exactly to set up the DNS records to point my domain to host:port or if at all possible?

Looked through other questions and found examples of how to point the domain to a host but I need the combination of a host and port, i.e. set up an alias.

So my question is: Is 2. possible? If so - any pointer/instructions will be much appreciated?

Many Thanks

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belongs to webmasters.stackexchange.com / superuser.com –  Raptor Feb 21 '13 at 8:29
DNS to a host port combination does not work. You would need to point to a proxy or load balancer which would then forward the traffic to your port. –  datasage Feb 21 '13 at 15:16
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