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Can we use template as follows:

        plugins: [{
            ptype: 'rowexpander',
            selectRowOnExpand : false,  
            rowBodyTpl: new Ext.XTemplate(
                '<p>Qusetions: {question}</p><p>',
                '<tpl for="option">',

I am unable to see anything. I have this JSON:

        "total": 2, 
        "data": [   
        "question":"What's Your Fav color",
        "question":"What's Your coom color",

Model File

Ext.define('AM.model.Question', {
     extend: '',
     fields: [
      {name: 'question'},
      {name: 'option'},
      {name: 'images'},
      {name: 'qno'}

I want to see the output as follows:

  + Questions: What is your fav color

        <radiobutton> Red
        <radiobutton> Green
        <radiobutton> Blue

Am using Ext JS 4.1 version

Thanks in advance for your answers

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When iterating through an array using XTemplate, the current item is referred to using {.}. Your template should look something like this:

'<p>Questions: {question}</p>',
'<tpl for="option">',

However, it gets a little more tricky if you want to do a radio group. XTemplate provides the parent property to access objects outside of the current context. So instead of a <p> tag in the middle, your radio group might look like this:

'<tpl for="option">',
    '<input type="radio" name="qno_{parent.qno}" value="{.}" />{.}<br/>'
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