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I'm currently developing some tests using Selenium RC. I have to problem regarding selenium Xpath "OR" statement with xpath input and textareas. Getting to the point. I have designed 2 xpaths

textarea: //span[text()='{0}']/parent::*/following-sibling::*//textarea

input: //span[text()='{0}']/parent::*/following-sibling::*//input

Generally im using Selenium.Type(myXpath,"label=myValue"); and both of those xpaths works ok. Problem is when i was trying to merge them. I doesn't really make a difference to me if its an input or a textarea since both methods do exacly the same thus i tried to merge them with | (or) statement.


but unfortunately it doesn't work. If the order is //textarea|//input it matches textarea and if //input|//textarea it matches inputs. I was trying various combinations and still nothing. Am i missing brackets or some required syntax? Thank you for all the help.

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Fetch all nodes (*), then test the element names for the ones you want using predicates.

//span[text()='{0}']/parent::*/following-sibling::*//*[local-name() = 'textarea' or local-name() = 'input']

If your XPath engine has no support for local-name() (which seems to be a problem with Selenium, see comments), you will have to repeat the complete statement:

//span[text()='{0}']/parent::*/following-sibling::*//textarea | //span[text()='{0}']/parent::*/following-sibling::*//input

The query you've been trying to use is equivalent to

(//span[text()='{0}']/parent::*/following-sibling::*//textarea) | (//input)

Which also explains the results of switching textarea and input.

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Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I'm getting an error: Selenium.SeleniumException : ERROR: Invalid xpath [3]: XPath parse error //span[text()='Uwagi']/parent::*/following-sibling::*//(textarea|input): // RelativeLocationPath // Expr –  Shuffler Feb 21 '13 at 10:41
Sorry, missed we better should use XPath 1.0 for Selenium. Updated the answer, this one should work fine now. –  Jens Erat Feb 21 '13 at 11:17
I'm getting server error, Not implemented yet: Xpath function local-name() –  Shuffler Feb 21 '13 at 11:28
If you're not using namespaces, try using name() instead. If that's not working either, you will have to repeat the whole XPath statement after the |. –  Jens Erat Feb 21 '13 at 11:32
Unfortunately name didn't work either. I see into Xpath namespaces and see if i can make it more elegant. For now i just used | with both xpaths. Thanks for your time and help. Cheers! –  Shuffler Feb 21 '13 at 11:37

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