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I have a very annoying problem, when I try to open an imported project with my version of Eclipse, it tells me that I can't do it unless I download the version 21 of something. Then it opens my SDK Manager and when I want to install the new packages to update my version, it's just impossible even after having accepted the terms and conditions.

Here is a picture : enter image description here

Any help is welcome! Thanks in advance.

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try First Clear your cache with Android SDK Manager--> Tools--> Option-->click on Clear cache after Refreshing the List by Android SDK Manager --> Packages --> Reload

Hope it will Help

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Thank you, it worked ! –  Phalanx Feb 24 '13 at 4:54
I have the similar problem. I tried both options above and rebooted the my windows machine also. But it is still same. –  nani1216 Jan 24 at 6:10

In my case I had to set the proxy settings in Tools->Options.

Inside Internet explorer, Press Alt+t -> Select Internet Options -> connections tab -> Click Lan settings. You can see Proxy settings there.

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