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I just develop an asp.net portal site and it using asp.net membership provider.

I decide to develop mobile version of it. but problem with cookie.

I test my site on windows mobile 5 and 6 that know support cookie.but after login, cookie lost and thereupon membership info lost because it using cookie.

I just change web.config and set cookieless="UseUri". that it's OK, but i don't want to show cookie identifier in uri when device support cookie.

All other option of cookieless like AutoDetect and UseDeviceProfile does not work anymore.

Note: Request.Browser.Cookies return true in application

Have any idea? Please help me!

Thanks in advance

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Is the browser not sending the cookie or is the cookie changing? –  Matt Lacey Oct 1 '09 at 8:40
Are you using the latest version of MDBF to check browser capabilities? –  Matt Lacey Oct 1 '09 at 8:41
I am sure that browser support cookie, i have problem with WM5/6 professional emulator, but when test with standard edition all it's ok. Note: cookie work! because i save user name in cookie, but why membership does not work ?????? –  Hamid Oct 1 '09 at 9:37

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