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I have this lines of code, where I can select a skin.

    <h:selectOneMenu id="dropdownSkin"
        value="#{helloBean.currentSkin.name}" defaultLabel="Select a skin.."
        <f:selectItems value="#{helloBean.mySkinsSI}" var="c"
            itemValue="#{c.value}" immediate="true" onchange="this.form.submit()" />
    <br />

    <h:inputText id="name" value="#{helloBean.currentSkin.name}"></h:inputText>
    <br />
    <h:inputText id="tcolor" value="#{helloBean.currentSkin.tcolor}"></h:inputText>
    <br />
    <h:inputText id="bcolor" value="#{helloBean.currentSkin.bcolor}"></h:inputText>

But I debugged it and it never goes into my method:

public void skinValueChanged(ValueChangeEvent e) {
    currentSkin = (Skin) e.getNewValue();

Any ideas why?

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There is no onchange attribute on f:selectItems tag. Migrate your onchange attribute to h:selectOneMenu and this should work.

h:selectOneMenu is generated as HTML select tag, and f:selectItems are option tags. So onchange really should be in select tag.

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Instead of giving on Change in f:selectItems component, try to give onchange="submit()" for h:selectOneMenu component and try. It should work.

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