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I have a list of .eml files which are in a remote folder say


I want to rename all the files from

xyz.eml to xyz.html

Could you guys help me do that using ruby.

Thanks in advance.

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Improving the previous answer a little:

require 'fileutils'
Dir.glob('/path_to_file_directory/*.eml').each do |f| f, "#{File.dirname(f)}/#{File.basename(f,'.*')}.html"

The File.basename(f,'.*') will give you the name without the extension otherwise the files will endup being file_name.eml.html instead of file_name.html

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awesome thanks ! – bragboy May 7 '15 at 9:59
Never knew about the second arg to File.basename. So much cleaner than some nasty thing like File.basename(f).sub(/\.[^.]+$/, '') that I've always done before. – erich2k8 Jan 15 at 3:48


'abc . . def.mp3'.sub /.[^\.]+$/, '.opus'
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as long as you have access to that folder location, you should be able to use Dir.glob and

Pathname.glob('path/to/directory/*.eml').each do |f| f, "#{f.dirname}/#{f.basename}.html"
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I had to use f.basename(f.extname), otherwise basename includes extension. – juanpastas Oct 4 '13 at 21:17

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