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Currently I'm working Cognos 10.1 report studio.

The requirement is that the output should be in such a way that the crosstab should appear in a default size in all the pages eventhough the outputs differ. The crosstab size should be same in all the pages but the font size could differ.

Eg: Crosstab has the product line in row; product in column; revenue in diagonal. Page set has been applied for the crosstab based on the product line. i.e. Each product line would appear in a separate page.

The number of products for each product line differs. The crosstab should be in same size in all the pages but the font size could differ.

Please help me.

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You'll need to force a row in your result set for each Row/Column combination. Do this by outer joining your result set against two queries: one of distinct row values, one of distinct columns. Next you'd have to give each cell a fixed width so that it is not dynamically formmated in HTML.

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