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I know, there were multiple questions like this, but I have some special requirements, which I would like the grid to meet. Meeting all is not necessary, but at least some would be nice (ordered by priority):

  1. Connection to custom datasource (preferably via some simple interface instead of queryable)
  2. Built-in paging
  3. Built-in filtering
  4. Built-in grouping
  5. Built-in sorting
  6. Paging and filtering exposed via interface (i.e. LoadPage(limit, offset, sort,...) -- you know, what I mean).

Is there something like this? I've checked PFGrid (no paging), DevExpress (too complicated to implement), default DataGridView (slow, no paging, no grouping).

Thank you!

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Have you considered something like Infragistics? It has most of the features you have requested above I believe. However the learning curve with custom controls can be quite steep until you get used to how things work. – 53AN Feb 21 '13 at 11:29
@53AN Thank you, I'm going to check it out. It's even more expensive then DevExpress, but if it would fit the requirements... – Miroslav Hudak Feb 21 '13 at 11:38

The grids provided by Infragistics or Telerik both match all your requirements, though I'm not entirely sure about the last one.



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