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I am facing a problem which I could not find a solution. So request to everyone reading this. Please help me in this regard.

I am saving images file from ".png" files to apache derby db as Blob format. Files saved without any problem.

To read back from derby I first get data as Blob and then convert them into InputStream and then store it into my created class “Person” object using the following code

Blob patientPhoto = rs.getBlob("photo");


An overview of Class Person is shown below

 Public class Person {
    private String personName;
    private InputStream photo;

public void setPhoto(InputStream photo){ = photo;
Public InputStream getPhoto(){
    return photo;

Initially there are four objects of Person I have stored in derby with images. Then I retrieve these four person object from derby and store them into Vector array. I start displaying them one by one by taking from vector array as shown below

Method-1: Initialization method of person object from vector array

Person data = new Person();

int i=0;

data = vector[i++];

Method-2: display method of person photo

InputStream img = data.getPhoto();

// The image recieved from db should be buffered as it is not real file
// but bytes of streams

BufferedImage buffImg = null
      try {
        buffImg =;
      } catch (IOException e) {

    //a panel with JLabel where Image will be displayed


try {
    } catch (IOException e) {

All four photos retrieve from vector array from index 0 to 3 showed fine but when I try to get person object backward from vector index 2 to 0 then a null pointer exception is thrown. The code; return null value while “img” is not null .

I am unable to understand why it shown null while “img” is not null. While going from vector index 0 to 3 it working and then going backward it do not. Please help me

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I believe that the Blob's InputStream is only valid while you are currently positioned on that record. So you shouldn't expect that the value you get from getBinaryStream() will remain valid for a long period of time.

Instead, your application should read the bytes out of the stream as soon as you get the blob, then you can advance to the next record in your result set.

So, change your Photo class so that the setPhoto() method reads the data from the InputStream into its own array of bytes, and then you can return your own ByteArrayInputStream to the Photo's private array of bytes when getPhoto() is called

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Thanks a lot for the reply. I just use ByteArrayInputStream as you suggested but same problem. I debug the code again and this time I check the availability of InputStream in Method-2 as follows. int i = img.available(); This code shows some number when I read InputStream img at the first time [when recieved from getPhoto()]. But second time img.available() shows 0. Although debug code watch I can see buffer is not empty. I am unable t understand what is the problem. Why reading second time vanishes all the data. – dar189901 Feb 21 '13 at 18:22

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