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I'm try to convert a movie (.mp4) in audio (.mp3) with Xuggler. I use porcessing on OS X.

 IMediaReader reader = ToolFactory.makeReader("/Users/nouv/Desktop/video1.mp4");
 IMediaWriter writer = ToolFactory.makeWriter("/Users/nouv/Desktop/audioOutput.mp3", reader);
 int sampleRate = 22050;
 int channels = 1;
 writer.addAudioStream(0, 0, ICodec.ID.CODEC_ID_MP3, channels, sampleRate);

 try {
   while (reader.readPacket() == null)
 } finally {}

I have this error : IllegalArgumentException : stream[0] is not video

Exception in thread "Animation Thread" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: stream[0] is not video
at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaWriter.encodeVideo(MediaWriter.java:754)
at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaWriter.encodeVideo(MediaWriter.java:783)
at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaWriter.onVideoPicture(MediaWriter.java:1434)
at com.xuggle.mediatool.AMediaToolMixin.onVideoPicture(AMediaToolMixin.java:166)
at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaReader.dispatchVideoPicture(MediaReader.java:610)
at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaReader.decodeVideo(MediaReader.java:519)
at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaReader.readPacket(MediaReader.java:475)
at xuggle.setup(xuggle.java:135)
at processing.core.PApplet.handleDraw(PApplet.java:2117)
at processing.core.PGraphicsJava2D.requestDraw(PGraphicsJava2D.java:193)
at processing.core.PApplet.run(PApplet.java:2020)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:680)

I tried with .mp4 , .mov and .flv movie and I have the same error.

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where's the rest of the code? This is not a minimal running example. Also, looking at benfarahmand.com/2012/11/… it looks like you're not making all the necessary calls. Start with that code, reduce it to minimal, then build it up to do what you want? –  Mike 'Pomax' Kamermans Feb 21 '13 at 14:19
Thanks, I build it and I have not error. But when I tried to convert a mp4 i have this error : 2:10:11.715 [Animation Thread] ERROR org.ffmpeg - [png @ 000000000C027950] Specified pix_fmt is not supported 12:10:11.719 [Animation Thread] WARN com.xuggle.xuggler - Error: could not open codec (../../../../../../../csrc/com/xuggle/xuggler/StreamCoder.cpp:831) –  warn974 Feb 22 '13 at 8:14
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IContainer container = IContainer.make();

    int result = container.open(inputFilename, IContainer.Type.READ, null);
     // check if the operation was successful
      if (result<0)
          throw new RuntimeException("Failed to open media file");

      int numStreams = container.getNumStreams();

      int audioStreamId = -1;

      IContainer writer = IContainer.make();
      writer.open(outputFilename, IContainer.Type.WRITE, IContainerFormat.make());

      for (int i=0; i<numStreams; i++) {

          IStream stream = container.getStream(i);
          IStreamCoder coder = stream.getStreamCoder();
          IStreamCoder audioCoder = IStreamCoder.make(IStreamCoder.Direction.ENCODING, coder);

          if( coder.getCodecType() == ICodec.Type.CODEC_TYPE_AUDIO){
              coder.open(IMetaData.make(), IMetaData.make());
              audioStreamId = i;

              ICodec inputCodec = ICodec.findDecodingCodec(ICodec.ID.CODEC_ID_MP3);
              if (inputCodec == null)
                  throw new IllegalArgumentException("could not find input codec id");

              if (audioStreamId == -1)
                  throw new RuntimeException("could not find audio stream in container: "+inputFilename);

              if(writer.writeHeader() == 0)

                  IPacket packet = IPacket.make();
                  while(container.readNextPacket(packet) >= 0){

                      if(packet.getStreamIndex() == audioStreamId)


                          } else {throw new RuntimeException("Could not open Coder"); }
              }else {throw new RuntimeException("Header not Written for writer container.");}

          coder.close(); audioCoder.close();

hope this helps... :)

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Thanks for your help. But i have this error 15:07:52.399 [Animation Thread] ERROR com.xuggle.xuggler - Error: packet being written to stream that doesn't exist (../../../../../../../csrc/com/xuggle/xuggler/Container.cpp:759) –  warn974 Feb 28 '13 at 11:15
Gave the code thats working fine for me...it still is working –  Sreelal Mar 9 '13 at 16:30
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