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I'm using CTRL+Page Up OR CTRL+Page Down to move between TABS.

But the problem with this is that when you reach the last TAB you need to move through all of the TABS in order to reach the first one again.

I know I can use CTRL+E OR CTRL+F6 but this is not fast as CTRL+Page Up.

Is there a way to make CTRL+Page Up / CTRL+Page Down works in a circular way? (Like moving between TABS in chrome for example)

enter image description here

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I use Juno SR1 which does circular with Ctrl + Page Down.

Which version do you use?

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I'm using Indigo – Maroun Maroun Feb 21 '13 at 12:50
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Looks like this feature is not supported on Eclipse Indigo. I downloaded Indigo and it works there by default.

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Ctrl+page up/down work fine for me. Try to update you eclipse :)

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Please, try to read this stackoverflow.com/about, to get more understanding about questions/answers here on SO. Your contribution is not answering the question. It is more a comment, which you can add once you'll increase your reputation: stackoverflow.com/faq#reputation – Radim Köhler Sep 28 '13 at 3:39

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