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I have a Web Api application.when i run this application on localhost then it is working good..for eg:- [http://localhost:5034/].

It gives defult page which i set in root.config(index page)after that i am trying to access the one of the action of this serviceby this URL [http://localhost:5034/api/Products] and this Action give the response in form of json successfully in localhost..

But when i deploy this service on IIS 7.5 I deployed this service then after when i trying to access the application by this URL[http://localhost/WebAPIApplication/](This URL is deployed Application URL) then it gives a directory List insted of defult Page which i set in root.config

2/21/2013  3:17 PM        <dir> bin 
2/21/2013  3:17 PM        <dir> Content 
2/19/2013  3:36 PM        32038 favicon.ico 
2/19/2013  3:36 PM          112 Global.asax 
2/21/2013  3:17 PM        <dir> Images 
2/19/2013  3:36 PM         1431 packages.config 
2/21/2013  3:17 PM        <dir> Scripts 
2/21/2013  3:17 PM        <dir> Views 
2/21/2013  3:18 PM         5566 Web.config

Why i am not getting the Defult page? and also when i trying to access Action of this service by this URL[http://localhost/WebAPIApplication/api/products] then it give error :

HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found

The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

How can i solve both the Problem?

Thanks in Advance..

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for your directory listing point you can deny the directory listing in IIS – NetStarter Feb 21 '13 at 11:54

Make sure that you configured your Web API application in IIS to use a .NET 4 ASP.NET Application Pool.

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