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Some Background I've got an autostereoscopic display that needs the bitmap/frame that is to be rendered on the screen to be interleaved in a specific manner to be displayed in 3d.

For programs that I write my self this is no problem as I have attach a shader to the opengl buffer I am drawing into.

I was wondering whether I can do something similar as a postprocessing step over existing programs, where I do not have access to the rendering pipeline.

Here's the question

is there a way to intercept the next frame/screen that will be displayed on the monitor such that I can filter it before the frame can be rendered on the monitor? My first idea was to create a screenshot and display it as an overlay. But this would be slower. And also I need all keyboard an mouse commands to be passed on to the actual programs running.

I'd be grateful for any ideas. (for Linux/ Windows / any language - this is just to be a proof of concept - I don't require a cross plattform solution)

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