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I've been using Gwan v4.1.18 and for development purposes I often use

./gwan -r [somefile]

However often I find that when I update the file I am running the updates are found when I execute the above line.

Is this some sort of weird caching being used with -r (I was under the assumption that it was solely used for running scripts and not using the entire Gwan system) or could it be a bug?

No rush, but would love some insight into this behavor

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Using G-WAN v4.2.19 (latest version posted a few days ago) I just tried ./gwan -r hello.c and got:

Hello World!

Then, I edited hello.c to remove the exclamation point and re-running ./gwan -r hello.c gave:

Hello World

It seems to work as expected, at least on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit (with GNOME rather than Unity).

That's the hello.c file located in the same directory as the gwan executable.

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I updated to 4.2.19 and all seems to be fine, thanks –  John-Alan Feb 24 '13 at 1:23

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