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ret=`zenity --entry `  

zenity --entry --text=$ret  

Here second instruction only prints first word of the string. How do I take string which can contain white spaces ??

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With this:

zenity --entry "--text=$ret"

That should present the entire --text=thing with spaces in it as a single argument.

Of course, your zenity executable must still be able to handle arguments with spaces in them but that would be a different issue.

By way of example, see the following script executable:

echo "[$1]" "[$2]"

When you run it without and with quotes, you get the following results:

pax> ./ two args
[two] [args]

pax> ./ "one arg"
[one arg] []
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ret=zenity --entry "--text=$ret". still does not work.. do I have to escape the double quotes??? – Kaunteya Feb 21 '13 at 12:21
@KaunteyaSuryawanshi: no, why are you changing the first line (the one starting with ret=)? That was used to set ret. Change the second line, the one that uses ret, the one you stated wasn't working. – paxdiablo Feb 21 '13 at 12:22

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