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My program isn't working right. I need to play sound which i take from network with boost::asio. That sound is right, because if I give that to file, i have sound file. But in speakers I listen repeating clicks. That is my code:

while (!ExitKey)
    boost::system::error_code error;
    size_t len = VoiceSocket->read_some(boost::asio::buffer(buf), error);
    if (len==0)
    file.write(, 882);
    if (firstit++>=3)
        alSourceUnqueueBuffers(alSource, 1, &alUnqueueBuf);
    if (iteration <=3)
        alBufferData(alSampleSet[iteration++], AL_FORMAT_MONO16,, buf.size(), 44100);
        iteration = 0;
        alBufferData(alSampleSet[iteration++], AL_FORMAT_MONO16,, buf.size(), 44100);
    //alSourceQueueBuffers(alSource, 3, alSampleSet);
    alSourcei(alSource, AL_BUFFER, alSampleSet[0]);
    alSourcei(alSource, AL_BUFFER, alSampleSet[1]);
    alSourcei(alSource, AL_BUFFER, alSampleSet[2]);

    alSourceQueueBuffers(alSource, 1, alSampleSet);
    //alSourcei(alSource, AL_LOOPING, alSampleSet);
    ALenum alErr0 = AL_NO_ERROR;
    ALenum alErr1 = AL_INVALID_NAME;
    ALenum alErr2 = AL_INVALID_ENUM;
    ALenum alErr3 = AL_INVALID_VALUE;
    ALenum alErr5 = AL_OUT_OF_MEMORY;
    ALenum alErr  = alGetError();
    //alGetSourcei(alSource, AL_SOURCE_STATE, &alErr);
    alErr = alGetError();

Please help me. What I need to do with this code to get it work. I dont understand how working with this buffers :(

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You should use either alSourcei(alSource, AL_BUFFER, alSampleSet[0]) or alSourceQueueBuffers(alSource, 1, alSampleSet), but not both together. When you are streaming, then use the latter.

Check for processed buffers before unqueueing:

alGetSourcei(alSource, AL_BUFFERS_PROCESSED, out p)

Only buffer and queue the next chunk if there is a free buffer.

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