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I have 2 projects :- 1. Project A 2. Project B

Project A is the upstream project and Project B is the downstream project. Project B waits if Project A is already building. Project A triggers Project B on finishing successfully.

Now here is the scenario:-

Project A is building and Project B is waiting for Project A to finish. Project B immediately gets triggered once Project A finishes. But, Project A also triggers Project B on finishing. So, basically Project B runs twice.

My requirement is - only the job (of Project B) triggered by upstream project (Project A) should run and not the one which is waiting for the upstream project (Project A) to finish. The waiting job should get purged from the queue.

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Have you tried blocking the build when upstream project is running? enter image description here

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Project B is already blocked when Project A is building...But when project A finishes, it triggers Project B..which means now 2 jobs for Project B are there(one in queue and one in building state). – user1522820 Feb 21 '13 at 13:48

There are many ways to do it.

I suggest to check out this plugin:

It has covered my most sadistic needs up to this date. :)

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