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After generating a JPEG thumbnail file with PIL, I would like to use IPTCInfo in order to write IPTC metadata containing french characters with accents. I was thinking about using UTF8 character encoding.

So I tried the following:

info = IPTCInfo(input_file, force=True, inp_charset='utf8')
info.data['credit'] = some_unicode_string

and many other variations:

info = IPTCInfo(input_file, force=True)
info = IPTCInfo(input_file, force=True, inp_charset='utf8')
info = IPTCInfo(input_file, force=True, inp_charset='utf_8')
info = IPTCInfo(input_file, force=True, inp_charset='utf8', out_charset='utf8')
info = IPTCInfo(input_file, force=True, inp_charset='utf_8', out_charset='utf_8')

While reading with IPTCInfo the metadata written by IPTCInfo preserves the unicode python string, I always find weird characters when trying to read with other piece of software: OSX file information, Exiftools, PhotoShop, ViewNX2. So what is the right way to write unicode with IPTCInfo and produce a standard compliant file understandable by all software?

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Is there an IPTC tag "CodedCharacterSet" in the resulting files? –  John Zwinck Feb 21 '13 at 13:10
It does not seem so. Exiftool command "exiftool -codedCharacterSet my_file.jpg" returns nothing. However, for information, I don't always have a CodedCharacterSet with software that produce nice formated accents. For example, ViewNX2 returns nothing and Photoshop returns "Coded Character Set : UTF8" but both present accents nicely. –  user1919510 Feb 21 '13 at 14:31

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